This product is acrylic display like Mt. Everest.
Please enjoy the world that light and a shadow is created by Silhoueture.


Silhoueture 19. like Mt. Everest

In the acrylic of 9cm x 9cm and thickness 5mm
Sihouette x Miniature = Silhoueture
Please enjoy the world that light and a shadow create.

Silhoueture 19. like Mt. Everest

19. like Mt. Everest

This product is imaged Mt. Everest and an Eagle.
You can enjoy the world of a clear acrylic display.
The recommended usage is a present to an important person for you.

The silhouette cut by a high-performance laser machine becomes perpendicularly a beautiful section of its shape.

Also you can enjoy the acrylic shape without the silhouette as display.

Silhoueture 19. like Mt. Everest

You can stick it to glass and mirror repeatedly with the attached double-sided adhesive sheet.
Please cut double-sided adhesive sheet with scissors alone with its shape.

The Plate is standalone type !!
Display it with a Miniature.


You can enjoy the world of a clear acrylic board.
For example, there will be such usage to play.

Enjoy it by lighting Enjoy the shadow Enjoy the shape Image a color
Try to thin scenery Display it as a miniature To a stylish plate

The mysterious world that spreads out from a clear acrylic board.
The way of enjoying Silhoueture is boundless in a house and outside.


The product details

Item Number ST-019
Mainbody Acrylic
Mount Paper
Pouch Polypropylene
Case Polypropylene
Adhesive sheet Urethane gel

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