This product is also ideal as gift and collection.
We can make Acryl Hanko with the following Kanji.


Pearl Glass Acryl Hanko

You can select Japanese Kanji from the following list.

Acryl hanko

Pearl Glass Acryl Hanko

You can select the color of Hanko from 6 colors (White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red).
Also you can choose KANJI from 18 different characters. Then you can select Hanko case from 8 different colors (Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Vivid pink, Red, Pink and Orange)

Size 12mm diameter, length 6cm
Price 2,900 JPY with Hanko case
Option Ink pad 1,000 JPY

Word for Circle type of HANKO

c1 c2 c3 c4 c5 c6
c7 c8 c9 c10 c11 c12
c13 c14 c15 c16 c17 c18


1. Select of color Hanko

You can select Hanko from 6 colors.


2. Select of color Hanko case

You can slect Hanko case from 8 colors.

Acryl Hanko case

Our price is including HANKO and HANKO case

Ink pad

Kanji Hanko ther products

Order confirmation

We will send you the order confirmation by e-mail to you with your order details and also estimation including the shipping fee from us to you. If the confirmation was OKed, please proceed the payment by Paypal. We will start the production after confirming your payment soon.

If the confirmation was wrong you had selected Kanji, Hanko type and your name, please reply to us with correct information. We will check again and will send e-mail with re-confirmation. Then please proceed the payment to us by Paypal.

Payment method We accept the payment by Paypal. The total amount to be paid is the following.
1. HANKO fee
2. Shipping fee by EMS
3. Paypal charge (5%)

Shipping method After confirming your payment by us, we will start the production of your own HANKO for you within 3-4 working days. Then we will ship by EMS or UPS to you.


6.Order detail
select of color Hanko
select of color Hanko case
select Kanji*
option Hanko case 1,000 JPY Yes No
7.Inquiry details

We will reply to you after confirming your order soon.