Make custom promotional products
iPhone case by your own design for your company and musician

in small quantity and fast shipping to you !

Our service is to make custom promotion products with your own design data like to iPhone case for your group member or friends with the same design. In Japan case, there are many offers from musicians to make the custom promotional products for their band and for their fans.

Also we recommend our service to animators and organizers of Doujin magazine to make the custom promotional products to let your design or crafts know to fans and fellows widely. This might be a good chance for you to appeal your products or design to all people.

Our products are all made in Japan with high quality products.
We also have a confident for the quality than the other low quality products. We strongly believe your original custom promotion products will be useful to your promotions. Especially iPhone 6 case can be ordered from 10pcs only even the order period is limited. Please don’t miss this chance.